Tuesday, May 18, 2010

temporary accommoda[tion]s

Brian and I are selling our home, and we are 'under contract' on another. We will be putting some work into our future house, so we have rented an apartment in the meantime. Our new location will be the Enston Homes on upper King Street. This is a really cool complex of multiple buildings all constructed in Romanesque Revival architecture. Twenty-four of the cottages were constructed in 1887 along with a memorial chapel at the center with a campanile style tower. In 1931 an infirmary building was added, then later was turned into a superintendent's home, and now the Housing Authority has their offices there. The newest buildings were constructed in 2006 and complete the original plan for the community. When they were built, they were going to be for low-income residences, however they have recently been purchased by a management company that will rent them out as apartments, which is how we were able to score one! We love the downtown location, and that we have the whole first floor of one of the buildings, which actually has 2-bedrooms and 1-bath. The front porch is a bonus as well. We are quite excited for this 'campus' experience, and it will be a nice home while we monitor the construction of our new house!

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