Saturday, August 14, 2010

dedica[tion] - day 1

Today, Brian and I spent the majority of the day working at the house. After some quick internet searches last night, feeling overwhelmed by some of the cleaning we were about to tackle, I learned a few quick tricks for getting things clean.

Brian spent most of his time working on the refrigerator. The stove and refrigerator were part of the contract, and we also kept the washer & dryer. This way we can get by with just buying a dishwasher & above-stove microwave for now, and as needed we'll purchase new appliances. Anyway, these current appliances are quite dirty, due to non-use, etc. So the handy internet 'how to' sites say to mix 2-3 cups of bleach and a little Ultra Dawn soap to a bucket of water to spiffy up a fridge. And Brian had read in the owner's manual yesterday to clean with baking soda. So, he did his own concoction, and it looks great!

I also read how to clean grimy hardwood floors, which is what I spent my day doing! Sweep floors, dry mop floors, and then mop floors with a mix of a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water. You don't want to saturate the floors, but scrub with a damp mop. It took forever, and I still have one bedroom to go, but the floors really do look much better than I expected! There are still a few spots that I could not clean, but overall I'm happy with the progress. Of course, once the construction starts, there will be dust everywhere and they'll have to be cleaned all over again. But at least now I know how to do it!

Clean floors!
I also tackled the bathroom, starting with trying to get rust stains off our vintage tile floor. I started with CLR, which did NOTHING. Thankfully I had a back-up plan... pumice. This was effective, however it will take a lot more scrubbing to get all the rust off completely. Although I was relieved to see it actually did work. I also cleaned the pedestal sink and toilet, and although gruesome, I'm glad it's done!

Still needs more scrubbing, but better than it was!
Towards the end of the day (after our friends Jeff & Katie stopped by to check out the place), it started to rain. Because we have no central air, only 2 window units, we took the rain as an opportunity to cool off outside. I had bought some flowers and potting soil earlier in the day on my shopping spree for all the products mentioned above. We planted our concrete planters that flank the stairs on the front of the house.

Overall, we got a lot accomplished and were happy with the results. We've got a long road ahead!

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