Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, unfortunately due to some delays in our appraisal, we were not able to close on the house today, but there was an exciting delivery made to our apartment!

Last October, Carolina Business Interiors hosted our firm for a 'fun night' (which they've done the past couple of years), where you go and have hors d'oeuvres and drinks, learn about new products, and do a fun group activity. And in the end, you have a chance to win a new chair.

This year's activity was a design competition where they gave us each a box full of materials: string, wire, clay, pipe cleaner, metal mesh, fabric, etc. The task was to design & build a miniature chair in 45 minutes. In the end, we each placed our chairs in front of a ballot box, and we were each given 5 chips with which to vote. You could only vote once for any given chair, including your own. My entry:

Well I won, and the prize was a Generation chair by Knoll! And Brian and I finally got around to picking out what colors we wanted, and it arrived today!! This is what it looks like:

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