Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The screen has been removed from the porch! I personally think it makes the house look much larger, allowing more balance with the 2 sets of double windows (one on each side of the door). Also, the shutters will eventually be coming down... I'm not digging the tiny shutters for large windows. See before and after on the screen.


But the bigger news is the laundry room is gone!



Friday, September 24, 2010


Brian met with our contractor yesterday, and there has been some delay in getting our construction permit. Apparently the city needed to see a few more drawings, including a plumbing plan, mechanical plan, window schedule, and structural details. Brian has worked hard to get those drawings completed with hopes of getting them to the contractor this afternoon. And hopefully we'll have a permit early next week. The crew that will be working on the foundation has already been scheduled for the end of next week, so we have high hopes that all will go as planned!

So I went by the house to do some more work on the dining chairs, thinking that the house would be in the same state that it has been in all week, and much to my surprise there was more demo completed, and more clean-up since the last visit! Hooray! Just to keep everyone posted on the progress, here are some more before/after photos:

demo-ed kitchen, not-so-clean

clean kitchen in current state!

current condition


Also, you will notice that the plaster & insulation is down on the walls that will be demolished eventually, so the breakfast nook has been dismantled:

And this is where the future hallway to our master suite will be:

Monday, September 20, 2010


Friday afternoon when we were surveying the demo work at the house, we discovered a bottle that had been left in the rafters. After cleaning it and doing further investigation, we determined that it is from the Crest Cream Dairy, that was located on Bee St in Charleston. The dairy, it seems, was open from 1951 to around 1989, and the markings on the base of the bottle seem to tell a different story as to when the bottle was made, so it's still under investigation, but cool nonetheless! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

demoli[tion] - round 3

Thursday morning before work, we went back to see the destruction in the daylight. Thought you would enjoy a few more pictures of the wreckage...


Today they will be cleaning all the debris out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

demoli[tion] - round 2

There's a permit in the window!

We were late getting over to the house tonight, because our boss Rick participated in the Iron Man competition in Louisville, KY a few weeks ago, and he gave a recap of the experience! So, it was dark by the time we got to the house, and of course the power has been shut off for the demolition process. When we opened the front door, we could hardly swing it open from all the debris on the floor! We carefully navigated with our cell phones, since the Eagle Scout's batteries were dead in his flashlight! We were on the hunt for all the cool light fixtures we had wanted to re-use in the house. We found 2 out of 3, but one of the retro kitchen fixtures is missing. Buried & broken somewhere, I'm sure! Anyway, they have taken down the ceilings in both the living room & dining room, the kitchen is completely cleaned out, and the wall between the dining & kitchen has been opened up. Exciting & scary, all at the same time! Scroll down to see more 'before & after' photos:





dumpster in the yard

Monday, September 13, 2010

demoli[tion] - round 1

has begun!




Sunday, September 12, 2010


During halftime of the Georgia/Carolina game, I made a quick trip to the Habitat for Humanity Re:Store downtown in search of dining room chairs. Jeff & Katie had offered us a table that they have in their attic, but there are no chairs. I had this idea that I would gather 6 mismatched chairs, paint them all the same color and cover the seats in matching fabric that I purchased a while back. See fabric below.

Well, little did I know that I would find an entire dining room set for $75! It was all I could do not to purchase it on the spot, but the guy assured me that he would hold it until I brought my husband back to see it. Of course we had to wait til the end of the game. Priorities, right?

Rest assured, it was still there! And Brian liked it as well. It appeared to be in pretty good shape. Very stable (at least the chairs), and a cool mid-century modern style. A table & 6 chairs. It has a lot of scratches, but we think we can restore it. See the "before":

We spent the day today sanding & staining, and replacing the fabric on the seats! Unfortunately the chairs are still drying, so you can't see the "after" yet. Here are the chairs drying:

But here's a sneak-peak of what the fabric looks like on the chair (pre- sanded & stained):

The table will have to wait. In the process of recovering the chair seats, I discovered that the dining set is from the Ramseur Furniture Co., and was dated from 1962. Pretty cool.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

in mo[tion]

The contractor has our drawings in hand! Woohoo... thank you Brian!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Still no news on when construction will start, but I feel that we are getting closer! We met with the contractor this morning to show him the progress that Brian has made on the drawings, and aside from a few minor adjustments, the drawings are ready to go! So we will be taking 3 sets to his office within the next 24 hours (fingers-crossed). At which point, the contractor will take them to the city to obtain permits to begin work. If all goes as planned, work could begin as early as Monday!

In other news, we became 'one with the land' this past weekend, as we tackled the yardwork. Brian mowed, while I pulled weeds. It was an all-day affair, and I've been sore ever since. Hopefully maintenance will be easy from now on, although I doubt it. We need someone who knows a little more about plants to come help us decide what to keep, and what to remove.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


From time to time I will blog about things that are completely unrelated to the house. I’m sure you noticed this when I wrote about our trip to Colorado, and this too is another post about our free time. I do this to keep you interested, especially in these down times where NOTHING is happening on the house!

Last night, Brian and I went to the Charleston Riverdogs game. They are our local minor league baseball team. A few of our reps from various companies: Milliken (carpet), Miller’s of Charleston (office furniture), Forbo (resilient flooring), & Patterson + Pope (document management), hosted a happy hour at the Joe (Joe Riley Stadium). This equals free tickets to the game and ‘doggie dollars’ for food + drink. There was also a celebrity guest this week, which was Kyle Petty (although sometimes we see Bill Murray, since he owns the team). Kyle drove rode around the field in a stock car, and then jumped out to sign autographs and take photos with the fans. He was also there to accept a check for Victory Junction, a camp for kids with healthcare needs that was established in honor of Kyle’s son, Adam Petty (who was also a racecar driver). Unfortunately, the Greenville Drive beat the Riverdogs 10-7, but it was a fun night afterall!