Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Still no news on when construction will start, but I feel that we are getting closer! We met with the contractor this morning to show him the progress that Brian has made on the drawings, and aside from a few minor adjustments, the drawings are ready to go! So we will be taking 3 sets to his office within the next 24 hours (fingers-crossed). At which point, the contractor will take them to the city to obtain permits to begin work. If all goes as planned, work could begin as early as Monday!

In other news, we became 'one with the land' this past weekend, as we tackled the yardwork. Brian mowed, while I pulled weeds. It was an all-day affair, and I've been sore ever since. Hopefully maintenance will be easy from now on, although I doubt it. We need someone who knows a little more about plants to come help us decide what to keep, and what to remove.

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