Friday, September 24, 2010


Brian met with our contractor yesterday, and there has been some delay in getting our construction permit. Apparently the city needed to see a few more drawings, including a plumbing plan, mechanical plan, window schedule, and structural details. Brian has worked hard to get those drawings completed with hopes of getting them to the contractor this afternoon. And hopefully we'll have a permit early next week. The crew that will be working on the foundation has already been scheduled for the end of next week, so we have high hopes that all will go as planned!

So I went by the house to do some more work on the dining chairs, thinking that the house would be in the same state that it has been in all week, and much to my surprise there was more demo completed, and more clean-up since the last visit! Hooray! Just to keep everyone posted on the progress, here are some more before/after photos:

demo-ed kitchen, not-so-clean

clean kitchen in current state!

current condition


Also, you will notice that the plaster & insulation is down on the walls that will be demolished eventually, so the breakfast nook has been dismantled:

And this is where the future hallway to our master suite will be:

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  1. Wow, what an exciting undertaking! I look forward to seeing the progress and coming for a visit once the house is finished!