Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thank you so much to my mom & Gene for making the trip to Charleston to WORK, and to Brian for all his hardwork and patience with me...  

My Mom & Gene came down for the weekend with high hopes of rebuilding the shed. I owe them a huge THANK YOU. Even though we didn't get as far along as we'd hoped, there was a lot of progress made in regards to cleaning up and cleaning out. As you can see in the before and after shots above, there were chairs, boards, random steps, and crosses, etc. Brian and I tried to get most of the prep-work done before their arrival on Friday, and we did make some good headway, however on Saturday morning when work began, it appeared that there would need to be some clean-up on the exterior of the shed as well! So the boys went to work on tearing down fences, pulling down vines, and cutting down trees! Sunday morning, we took a family trip to Lowe's for supplies to actually get started on the construction. While Brian & Gene worked on the shed, my mom and I worked in the yard. We cut back most of the plants for the winter, spread pinestraw, and pulled/sprayed weeds. The progress of the weekend can be found in the dumpster, although this photo was taken on Saturday night, only halfway through the mayhem!

More photos from the weekend:

There will be more progress photos to come... looks like it will take a few more weekends before the shed is complete! Stay tuned.

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