Sunday, November 7, 2010

apprecia[tion] ~ part 2

You may remember that my mom & Gene came down about a month ago to help with the shed, and the task for that weekend was replacing the siding. Fortunately, they came back to help again! So this past weekend, Brian & Gene's goal was to replace the roof, and build the new front wall. The original front wall is being replaced with support columns, and the new front wall (with door) is shifting back 4'-0" to allow for a small 'grilling' porch off the front of the shed. Brian was able to find someone from our construction company to help with removing and replacing the roof shingles, so the weekend was quite productive with three people working! See the photos below; the left picture shows the shed at the beginning of the weekend, and the one on the right shows the current state.

You can see that the framing of the original front wall is still in place, so they will eventually construct 6x6 columns (to match the porch on the front of the house) to carry a beam and supports for the roof. They will also install a new door, and there is still siding that needs to be cut for the gable ends. We have a few more battens to install, and once it's complete, we'll paint the whole thing! All in all, the weekend was a success! More photos of the new walls & new roof:

View from inside shed

new roof, new partition (sans battens)
Thanks again Gene! We look forward to your next visit!

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