Thursday, December 9, 2010


Over the fact that zero has been done lately. As in nothing, nada, zilch!

In case you were wondering what's been going on at our house the past week (or more), there's your answer. I'm quite frustrated. We met with the contractor on Saturday to do a walk-through of the electrical work, letting him know where outlets, switches, and fixtures will be placed. He made several big promises for the beginning of the week, including electrical, plumbing, roofing, and demo of the wall between the kitchen & dining. Also, the paint on the exterior was to have been completed almost a month ago, along with the rest of the exterior. But no, it is too cold for the paint to be applied, so we must wait until the warmth returns (I've been told that 50º is the minimum). Saturday is supposed to be 60º,  so we'll see if they are out there! "They" BETTER be.  

I was quite convinced that our house was a top-priority after this meeting, but now after 3½ business days of NOTHING, I'm not so sure. I wish they would either work, or at the very least be honest about when they are going to work. False promises are not working for me.

Sorry I haven't been writing, but that's why!

* 50th post alert*

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