Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Holiday update: So, I spoke with Paul (the contractor) over lunch, and here's the latest.
Phone call with contractor at 12:30pm: 
1. He says: electrical inspection should have been completed Tuesday pm. 
2. He says: plumbing inspection should have been completed this morning (Wednesday).
3. He says: framing inspection will happen upon approval of all other inspections.
4. He says: once framing inspection approved, insulation will begin, “most likely Monday”.
5. He says: things are going to fly by once the sheetrock goes up… once the sheetrock goes up, the painter’s will need about two weeks, so you have 3 weeks from now to get all the finishes purchased.
6. I said: We need to be out of our apartment on January 31st, so that we don't have to pay February rent, to which the contractor says "oh definitely, we'd like to have the whole project completed by then. But you will definitely have a few rooms to live in." 
7. I expressed my concern over the fact that we expected the exterior of the house to be done a month ago, and then a cold snap hit and they could no longer paint unless it is warmer than 50º. Aaron said the other day that the exterior paint 'won't hold up the project', and we'll get to it when we can. The problem is that I want it painted now. If the interior is going to be in shambles, then at least the exterior can look nice! Contractor says this will be a top priority, and will be done early next week.

Reality confirmed at house at 1:30pm:
1. Electrical inspector has not been by.
2. Plumbing inspector has not been by.
3. No other inspections have been done! (with the exception of mechanical, which passed).
4. Um, not holding my breath.
5. I'll believe it when I see it.  
6. That is 5 weeks from now.
7. There's a lot more that needs to be done before paint can go up. Like the backyard needs to be level, getting rid of that big pile of dirt that's back there now. Otherwise, we'll have to paint again before it's all over. Also, the windows need to be installed/repaired.

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