Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Let's see. Seems nothing is happening. I guess I'm a scrooge, but you would think that after 3 days in the work week this week, something would have gotten done. Nope. Nothing in over a week now.

When we stopped by last night, there was a notice posted on the door, that there were issues with the plumbing inspection. I did a drive-by today to see if it was still there, and yes it was. I spoke with the contractor this afternoon, just to keep him up-to-date on my continuing concerns, and he assured me that the plumbing was fine, and that the inspector was 'new', and didn't know what he was doing. Interesting. 

According to A, the plumbing is fine, and the insulation will be done this week (remember this was supposed to be done this past Monday?). Once that has been inspected/approved, the drywall will start and things will move 'quickly'. Should be smooth sailing according to him. 

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