Friday, January 7, 2011

applica[tion] - round 2

We went searching for closet doors and a back door for the house at a wholesale/salvage supply company this afternoon, and it is incredible what the price of doors are! I'm amazed that a 2'0" x 6'8" door for a closet is almost $150! I had no idea. Don't get me started on the exterior door. I know that we are particular, but our tastes are quite simple. We are not elaborate people. We just want to match the character of the rest of the house, and it looks like it's going to cost us! Fortunately, it seems that the cost is already calculated into the budget, so we're good. We'll be ordering doors soon. I'll be sure to post some photos for you! UPDATE (1/8/11): we found three 2'0" x 6'8" doors at Habitat for Humanity, $15 each! Although they are raised panel, as opposed to flat panel like the rest of our doors, they are pretty similar. Woohoo!

Afterwards, we stopped by the house to see what progress had been made, and there were 3 people mudding & taping the sheetrock! It's so exciting. It was our first glimpse of the master bedroom with walls, but with two of the workers on scaffolding in that room I didn't want to be snapping pictures, so those will have to wait! I did manage to take a few photos, and my only regret is that the guy on stilts in our dining room managed to get cropped out of all my shots. Maybe next time. Take note of the ceilings in the living & dining rooms!

taken from kitchen, towards dining room
taken from front door, towards dining room

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