Saturday, January 29, 2011

installa[tion] - part 2

We've spent the entire day putting doors on cabinets, drawers in place, and all the pieces and parts that go along with it! A few more still to do, but should be finished up tomorrow! Of course we've found that we are missing a few things, but hopefully they'll turn up. Check it out!

There were also a couple of painters working on trim outside, and 2 of our crew stopped by to take inventory on what was needed to finish out interior trim this week. Paul also stopped by to bring his friend over to check out the project, and to resolve some window/door issues that have come up. Remember this is Saturday, a good sign they are trying to get this wrapped up. He says the slate tile floor will be installed on Monday, interior trimwork will be completed, and there's the potential for the countertops and carpet in the master bedroom to be installed!

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