Friday, January 28, 2011


We've given in. For months everyone has said, "granite, granite, granite"... and we have resisted until the very end. Originally we wanted to use an eco-product, but cost is an issue. We then considered quartz because we liked the consistent colors that are available. Our contractor gave us the name of his stone guy (Peter), and our neighbor who is also a contractor gave us another name (Thai). We went to visit both of them today, and saw their supplier's warehouses.

We took along a piece of slate floor to get an idea of what the floor would look like with it. After much resistence, we agree that a material with a little more depth may be best for the white cabinets and dark gray floors. So our current decision is New Caledonia from Brazil.

Our next stop was the carpet store to find a remnant for our master bedroom. We can't fit the bamboo floors into our budget right now, so that will come later, but for now we need something on the floor, and carpet will be the best and most affordable option. This is what we are considering:

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