Monday, February 28, 2011


moving announcement
As you may have seen in the previous post, we moved this past weekend, and we were able to turn in the keys to Enston Homes first thing this morning! No more rent payments! It was a great apartment, but we are happy to finally be in the house. Farewell, Enston!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


To move! Thanks to the help of my mom & Gene, we were able to get everything out of our apartment this weekend! It felt good to get everything into the house, now we just need to get everything into it's proper place in the house! We're off to a good start though. The kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, and the guest room are all pretty much done, with the exception of contents in some of the boxes in Bedroom #2 that may need to go in these various rooms. Here's what it's looking like so far...

The biggest dilemma of the weekend has been window treatments! We really wanted the wooden woven Roman shades, and they actually do look great (the one that I have hanging, as seen above). However, you can see straight through it! Yikes. So now, I think we will hang the 4 that I've ordered (from Overstock) in the Dining Room and Bedroom #2. And for the front of the house (Guest Bedroom & Living Room), I've ordered these from JCPenney:

Yes, I realize that you can probably see through these, but at least you can only make out shadows? We'll see. The problem is that I did not want the white lining, I really wanted to see the color from the street, so that was a limiting factor in the Roman shade selection! I'll let you know how it turns out in 4-7 business days. Until then, we'll have sheets on the windows! Although, you'll notice above, my mom installed white 2" faux wooden blinds in the bathroom, and MM is coming to install the kitchen shade that she made soon! Can't wait to see it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


As in, relief. So, I took the day off, and it was quite productive. I really needed the day to get organized, and go at my own pace! No photos today, too busy! I took at least three full explorer-loads over, and unpacked a lot of the boxes as I went. Installed my one roman shade to test it out... the verdict is still out. We realized tonight that you can see straight through them! Kind of defeats the purpose of 'privacy'. Hmmm. May use them on some of the side windows, and get more solid ones for the front of the house. We shall see.

My dad came to visit this morning, and then Charles & Veronica stopped by on their way out of town (having stayed on Kiawah last night), so we all went to lunch, Brian too. Five Loaves & Sugar Bakeshop, yum! It was nice seeing everyone, but I quickly got back to work. The bathroom & kitchen are pretty much done. And I moved most of what I could carry by myself. We just need furniture! Looking forward to all of our help this weekend! Can't wait to see Mom, Gene, Allison, Brad, & Ellie!

Forgot to mention in the midst of all of that, I met the mechanical crew, the mechanical inspector from the City, and the plumbing crew. I won't go into all the details, but we were having trouble passing our mechanical inspection, but the good news is that they fixed what was necessary to pass, just need to get the inspector back out. Also, we have HOT water! Woohoo! This of course means that the gas problem is fixed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Meaning: the process of washing. However in this case, it was the washing, the removing, and the reglazing! In other words, the bathtub looks brand new! It seems that as many photos as I've taken of that little bathroom, in none of them do I capture the beauty of what was the tub! Maybe because it wasn't beautiful at all... this would have made for some good before & after shots, oh well. I will say that the tub was probably all the rage in 1973, as it had flower-power, slip-resistant decals. Fortunately, the tub refinishers took care of all of that this morning! Now if we could just install the new shower head, and get the gas working for our hot water heater, we could actually bathe in here!

They also cleaned some of the remaining spots off our contractor-provided pedestal sink.

The smell is horendous, but should air out by tomorrow. The glaze takes about 10 hours to dry.

* 100th post alert*     Wow, that's a lot of writing!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As in, where did everybody go? We went from lots of activity, to zero. And there are still a few things left to do! Just finish, already.

Stopped by the house after lunch today, and they had reinstalled the storm door to the front of the house. I'm excited to have it, but unfortunately the red isn't as prominent anymore! That may be good? Of course when I opened the storm door, there was a notice posted from the City stating that they had been by to do the final mechanical inspection, but had 'no access' to the property. Great.

Also, the slate floors have been sealed, but there is a swirl pattern. I thought it was because they were wet when we saw them last night, but the swirls are still there. Hmm.

* UPDATE: The contractor says that once the floor is cleaned a few times that the swirls will go away. If not, he will come back and seal it again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

conglomera[tion] - part 2

So the decision was made, the wall is gray. There was much debate over gray or yellow, and gray was the popular vote. Surprisingly, I wanted yellow, and I ended up painting it gray. I'm still not so sure, we'll live with it for a little while.

While I painted the kitchen wall, Brian painted the rest of the shed...

And then he made and painted shelves for the bathroom closet. The original shelves were misplaced during the renovation.

I decided to tackle the bathroom floor again. You may remember that I cleaned some rust stains at the beginning of this process with pumice stone, and it worked pretty well. When they removed the pedestal sink (that is now in our front yard), and replaced with the new pedestal sink, there were really bad rust stains left behind. So I spent a few hours today cleaning the bathroom floor. CLR/steel wool/pumice stone. Then I scrubbed the rest of the floor with a bleach solution.

Cleanest this floors been in a LONG time!

Brian also reinstalled the address numbers on the house! And you can also catch a glimpse of the bird bath pedestal sink in the bushes there. We did find these other house numbers that Miss Julia had purchased and never installed... maybe we should have used these instead, since they are the "new prestige way" according to the package (see photo). And numbers are the "old fashioned way". This had me cracking up! These may show up on the shed at some point.

Brian also installed the new mailbox. One of our many purchases at Home Depot yesterday.

Cleaned up the washer & dryer today as well. Not too exciting yet, but we have high hopes for this little laundry room.

And on another note, my Valentine's flowers still look good!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

conglomera[tion] - part 1

We have water! Yay! Of course the gas isn't turned on yet, so we don't have hot water yet. Our tankless water heater runs off gas. 

I know that we did stuff today, it may take me a little while to recall! We did move a carload or two over to the house, but nothing major. We went to Home Depot & Lowe's to buy various things. One of which things was doorstops, seven to be exact. Brian was kind enough to install them.

He also finished off the handles on the cabinets, and installed the utility shelf in our utility cabinet, while I cleaned the refrigerator after 6 months of dust and nastiness.

Notice that the handle on the microwave is very similar to the handles on the cabinets.

Basically there was a lot of cleaning. I cleaned the paint off the glass on the master bedroom door. Prep work for the privacy film, which I haven't gotten to yet.

I also reinstalled the glass push plates on the swinging kitchen door that is now my closet door, as well as installed knobs along with it for easier use. No photos unfortunately!

We tried to take our old pedestal sink to the architectural salvage store, but they aren't taking plumbing fixtures now, so it is currently sitting in our front yard. Redneck! Brian suggested bird bath. 

Also, when we got home, we realized that someone stole 1 chair off of our porch! We are going to be here one more week, and someone steals something off our porch? Not only that, I almost loaded those chairs into the back of the car today, and changed my mind. Ugh.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Basically I'm tired.

photo of the day
Those are my Valentine's flowers on the table, they've been so beautiful throughout the week! It's been kind of a slow day. The guys have been working through the punchlist, but still a ways to go. We moved a few boxes of stuff into the house tonight, Brian almost finished the handles on the cabinets, and I painted the spot that needed to be redone in the kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive! We are inching a little closer, day by day.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Can you tell what's new in this photo?

And we set up the dining room!
We cleaned up the floors one more time, polished up the new pedestal sink, and various other things around the house.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Because the end is near! There are so many little things that still need to be done, but it looks like we could possibly be moving in this week. I say that with some hesitation, mostly because I can't believe it's actually true. Although AJ was at the house when we went by at lunch and he was starting to clean as if he were vacating the property. Still no water though. Not sure what it takes to get water turned on, but I wish they would just do it already. I'm afraid that a lot of the 'little things' are going to fall on us to complete. For example, you will notice the door has been painted red, but the storm door has not been re-installed. They haven't left yet though, so maybe they'll finish things up. There's just been some finger-pointing going on, and "he said, he said", etc. I just have this feeling that we have more work ahead of us than we thought. Hopefully I'm wrong. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

comple[tion] of the kitchen floor

The grout is much lighter than we expected, since what we picked out was similar to the color of the slate. Not sure what happened there, but it still looks good.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have had a great day! Mine started out with beautiful flowers from Brian delivered to work. Quite a surprise after the meal we had last night! I thought my Valentine's Day ended there!

Well, alot is happening at the house, as they are trying to wrap it up! We went by at lunch and AJ was grouting the floors, the plumber was finishing his work, the painter's were scraping/cleaning the windows, and the carpet had already been installed! Here are some photos of the progress...
grouting in process
carpet installed in Master Bedroom,
although the windows are still wrong!
clean windows, this was the highlight of the site visit
wardrobe in it's proper place!
Interior shot of the wardrobe. Isn't it gorgeous?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Alright, so a few more photos of the gray, just cause we love it so much!

And we finished the 2nd bedroom this morning (in the same color as the front bedroom), and we painted the kitchen! Kind of a goldish-yellow color to offset the red in the pendant over the sink. Also it goes well with the wood-woven fixture in the dining room/the gold bricks on the fireplace/and the hardwood floors.

The color of the kitchen is Sherwin Williams 7682 Bee's Wax:

Also, Aaron stopped by and informed us that the grout for the slate floor in the kitchen will be done tomorrow, as well as the carpet in the master bedroom. He says most of the remaining items will be done tomorrow. Again, we shall see! Maybe we'll be moving next weekend!? 

It's been 2 years tonight since Brian and I got engaged. After painting all weekend, he surprised me with a night out at HUSK, Charleston's newest culinary treat. It was de-licious. We started with an appetizer of Southern Fried Chicken Skins with Hot Sauce and Wadmalaw Honey. Then for dinner, I had Beef Tenderloin from Gaffney, SC with Turnips, Braised with Greens, Potato Puree, with Red Wine Jus & Brian had NC Duck Leg Confit with Farro, Garden Greens and Winter Squash Puree, with Sour Apple Jus, and for desert we had Sweet Potato Bread Pudding with GA Pecans, Sweet Potato Rum Anglaise, and Burnt Marshmallow. Holy cow!

After dinner, I insisted that Brian check out the bar (where I had been once before with MM), and while we were there we decided to partake in an after-dinner cocktail. I had the Swizzle (The drink of choice at the world’s first cocktail party in London circa 1924) Bacardi rum, falernum, lime juice and bitters “swizzled” over hand chipped ice. Brian had the Sazerac (Pre-Civil War cocktail from New Orleans, one of the worlds oldest) Sazerac rye whiskey, Peychaud bitters and demerara sugar cube, stirred and strained up with a rinse of Herbsaint.

Man, oh man, what a weekend, and what a night! We deserved it after working so hard the past 3 days! Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

Quick tip: It is totally worth the $7 to buy the 3M painter's tape. We bought 2 rolls and then decided to go the 'cheap route'. Sherwin Williams had a roll for $1.95 or so, and we bought  a couple of rolls. UGH! Don't skimp on the tape. Not only does it not peal off intact, but it also doesn't protect the trim like it should. It also stripped some of the trim paint in spots. Totally not worth it! You have been warned.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


 Here it is! We painted the dining room and living room gray! A cooler tone of neutral than your typical beige. It's actually much more subtle than it appears in the photos. Can't wait to get moved in.

The color is Sherwin Williams SW7649 Silverplate:

We also painted the front bedroom today (still need to remove the tape), and started the second bedroom, but will have to finish tomorrow. The color we chose is a bluish-green that's actually quite soothing. We are pooped! 

The color of the bedrooms is Sherwin Williams SW6210 Window Pane:

More paint adventures to come, tomorrow! 

I wanted to mention that a couple walking by the house, stopped to ask what color the exterior was, to which Brian was quick to reply "Sherwin Williams Lemon Verbana", he later said, "well, we'll know where they live soon enough because their house will be the same color as ours". Ha! For some reason, it made my day that someone liked the color enough to ask what it was. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to stop and ask random people what color their houses are. BUT, I love the color of our house, so I'm glad I never followed through with that plan!

Thanks also to Alicia & Sandra for stopping by in the morning, and Mary Mac & Cooper for bringing over a six-pack in the afternoon. Those were welcome breaks in our day! We love showing everyone the progress!