Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Because the end is near! There are so many little things that still need to be done, but it looks like we could possibly be moving in this week. I say that with some hesitation, mostly because I can't believe it's actually true. Although AJ was at the house when we went by at lunch and he was starting to clean as if he were vacating the property. Still no water though. Not sure what it takes to get water turned on, but I wish they would just do it already. I'm afraid that a lot of the 'little things' are going to fall on us to complete. For example, you will notice the door has been painted red, but the storm door has not been re-installed. They haven't left yet though, so maybe they'll finish things up. There's just been some finger-pointing going on, and "he said, he said", etc. I just have this feeling that we have more work ahead of us than we thought. Hopefully I'm wrong. We shall see.

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