Saturday, February 19, 2011

conglomera[tion] - part 1

We have water! Yay! Of course the gas isn't turned on yet, so we don't have hot water yet. Our tankless water heater runs off gas. 

I know that we did stuff today, it may take me a little while to recall! We did move a carload or two over to the house, but nothing major. We went to Home Depot & Lowe's to buy various things. One of which things was doorstops, seven to be exact. Brian was kind enough to install them.

He also finished off the handles on the cabinets, and installed the utility shelf in our utility cabinet, while I cleaned the refrigerator after 6 months of dust and nastiness.

Notice that the handle on the microwave is very similar to the handles on the cabinets.

Basically there was a lot of cleaning. I cleaned the paint off the glass on the master bedroom door. Prep work for the privacy film, which I haven't gotten to yet.

I also reinstalled the glass push plates on the swinging kitchen door that is now my closet door, as well as installed knobs along with it for easier use. No photos unfortunately!

We tried to take our old pedestal sink to the architectural salvage store, but they aren't taking plumbing fixtures now, so it is currently sitting in our front yard. Redneck! Brian suggested bird bath. 

Also, when we got home, we realized that someone stole 1 chair off of our porch! We are going to be here one more week, and someone steals something off our porch? Not only that, I almost loaded those chairs into the back of the car today, and changed my mind. Ugh.


  1. to clarify, the porch chair disappeared from the apartment porch, not the new house porch - big difference in setting - and we only paid about $10 for it at target, in case you were wondering

  2. Details, details. The point is, someone was on our porch. I'm just glad they didn't take the doormat or the grill (that's actually padlocked to the handrail).