Sunday, February 20, 2011

conglomera[tion] - part 2

So the decision was made, the wall is gray. There was much debate over gray or yellow, and gray was the popular vote. Surprisingly, I wanted yellow, and I ended up painting it gray. I'm still not so sure, we'll live with it for a little while.

While I painted the kitchen wall, Brian painted the rest of the shed...

And then he made and painted shelves for the bathroom closet. The original shelves were misplaced during the renovation.

I decided to tackle the bathroom floor again. You may remember that I cleaned some rust stains at the beginning of this process with pumice stone, and it worked pretty well. When they removed the pedestal sink (that is now in our front yard), and replaced with the new pedestal sink, there were really bad rust stains left behind. So I spent a few hours today cleaning the bathroom floor. CLR/steel wool/pumice stone. Then I scrubbed the rest of the floor with a bleach solution.

Cleanest this floors been in a LONG time!

Brian also reinstalled the address numbers on the house! And you can also catch a glimpse of the bird bath pedestal sink in the bushes there. We did find these other house numbers that Miss Julia had purchased and never installed... maybe we should have used these instead, since they are the "new prestige way" according to the package (see photo). And numbers are the "old fashioned way". This had me cracking up! These may show up on the shed at some point.

Brian also installed the new mailbox. One of our many purchases at Home Depot yesterday.

Cleaned up the washer & dryer today as well. Not too exciting yet, but we have high hopes for this little laundry room.

And on another note, my Valentine's flowers still look good!

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