Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As in, where did everybody go? We went from lots of activity, to zero. And there are still a few things left to do! Just finish, already.

Stopped by the house after lunch today, and they had reinstalled the storm door to the front of the house. I'm excited to have it, but unfortunately the red isn't as prominent anymore! That may be good? Of course when I opened the storm door, there was a notice posted from the City stating that they had been by to do the final mechanical inspection, but had 'no access' to the property. Great.

Also, the slate floors have been sealed, but there is a swirl pattern. I thought it was because they were wet when we saw them last night, but the swirls are still there. Hmm.

* UPDATE: The contractor says that once the floor is cleaned a few times that the swirls will go away. If not, he will come back and seal it again.

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