Wednesday, February 9, 2011

installa[tion] - part 2

Our countertops were installed today, and Brian was there for the arrival of the stone!

They had to bring it in the back door (through Miss Julie's yard) because there is a huge dumpster still in our yard, and the floors were refinished yesterday, so they can't be walked on until after tomorrow. And if you try to go in the front door, here's what it looks like...

But check out the floors! I took this photo through a hole in the plastic...

So here's the countertops...

And our desk area...

We also bought a dishwasher tonight off of Craigslist. Picked it up in Dunes West. It will fill in the hole by the sink. Can't wait to see it all installed! The plumber is coming tomorrow to finish his work. And the funniest quote of the day was from our contractor, "yeah, we should be finished with the house tomorrow". What?


  1. The house is looking GREAT! I almost laughed out loud when I read your last sentence. Maybe more because quite possibly up until the last 2 "quotes" of when our house would be finished, I believed every single statement about the estimated finish time! Funny... just keep reminding yourself (like I am reminding myself) it will actually be finished one day soon and you will get to enjoy it!!! Oh, and I LOVE the floors and the big arched entryway! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Thanks Heather! Your house is really coming along too! You'll have to come visit, and next time we are in Georgia we'll hopefully be able to see yours too!