Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Meaning: the process of washing. However in this case, it was the washing, the removing, and the reglazing! In other words, the bathtub looks brand new! It seems that as many photos as I've taken of that little bathroom, in none of them do I capture the beauty of what was the tub! Maybe because it wasn't beautiful at all... this would have made for some good before & after shots, oh well. I will say that the tub was probably all the rage in 1973, as it had flower-power, slip-resistant decals. Fortunately, the tub refinishers took care of all of that this morning! Now if we could just install the new shower head, and get the gas working for our hot water heater, we could actually bathe in here!

They also cleaned some of the remaining spots off our contractor-provided pedestal sink.

The smell is horendous, but should air out by tomorrow. The glaze takes about 10 hours to dry.

* 100th post alert*     Wow, that's a lot of writing!


  1. Jennifer! That tub looks amazing! I can appreciate this because our tub in the guest bathroom still has that stupid slip-resistant thing on it! It just looks dirty (probably because it is). I'm going to check out that link- was it expensive?

    And the pedestal sink is perfect!!! I'm so glad you were able to find one! And contractor supplied? Even better! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Good luck moving in!!

  2. Hey Heather, the tub was reasonbly priced compared to everything else, and totally worth the money! I'm not sure if they do work in Georgia, but they maybe could recommend someone? See you Saturday!