Wednesday, March 2, 2011


To make better... slowly! The highlight of the evening was that Mary Mac came over to hang the new housewarming shade she made for our kitchen! She used the fabric that matches the dining room chairs, as well as red thread and golden yellow backing to bring out the details in our kitchen. We had wine to toast the occasion, and it really sets off the kitchen. Thank you, MM!!

I finished organizing the bathroom closet as well. We had boxes and boxes of random bathroom-related products, so I tried to group coordinating items into different bins. We'll see how long this lasts!

While I organized, Brian set up the desk & computer, since Comcast is coming today to hook up the cable & internet! The desk was my grandfather's, so it's new to us.

And Dad, these are for you, since you were wanting to see photos of the Living Room & Master Bedroom. These are two of the most incomplete rooms, but I'll give you a peek! Notice the close-up of the new shag rug (from World Market). A housewarming/birthday present from Mom & Gene. You can only get the full-effect in person, really.

The Master Bedroom is currently the most 'embarrassing', since it still needs to be painted, we are waiting on 2 new windows from Buck Lumber, there are sheets over the big window, and the furniture is all mismatched at the moment. It's become sort of a catch-all, a work-in-progress. We'll get there. Just takes time! We are hoping to look at bedroom furniture this weekend at Sanders Furniture Company!

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