Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Settling in... we made another trip to Lowe's last night. Amazing the things you find that you 'need' at a hardware store. And once you buy all the stuff, you have to install it!

Unfortunately they didn't have 'picture rail hooks', so we had to order those online. I found these at House of Antique Hardware:

We also hung the woven wood Roman shades ( in the Dining Room & Office, as well as more unpacking/orgainizing, caulking the tub, installing hooks on closet doors from Lowe's, etc. Nothing too exciting here. In fact, I'd be surprised if you are still reading! At this point (or probably before this point), the blog has become a diary of sorts. A place to get our thoughts down, and keep track of our progress. You could probably check-in once a week if you wanted to, and you wouldn't be missing anything. Anyway, thanks for reading. Here are some photos of the blinds in (hopefully) their final installation.

I would have posted the Office, but that's where all our unpacked boxes are being stored, and it's a real mess!

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  1. I love these Roman shades! And love even more the new sidebar you added. We're at the book store now (since our internet/cable aren't hooked up yet!) so I'm saving the page so that I can measure the window I want them for before ordering! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!