Friday, March 11, 2011


... as in privacy! Meaning, we have curtains! You may recall that I ordered the Roman shades that were discussed in this post. However, when they arrived they were shiny and had a white backing. I did not want white backing. Well, my curtains have a white backing as well, but I'm thinking they will most likely only be closed at night, which makes it ok. Shiny, not ok. So, curtains it is, although we may have to go back and get twice as many because they are looking a little slight in their coverage. I'll keep you posted.

Not sure if you noticed, but they don't go all the way to the floor. I'm sensing some sort of curtain faux pas. BUT. We didn't want to screw into the plaster, so we screwed into the wood window frames, and if we went with 95" curtains then they were way too long, and if we went with 83" curtains, they fit snugly between the top of the window trim and the top of the wall base. Who knows. Keeps me from having to learn how to hem!

And in other news, we swept some of the debris out of the attic, and found a few surprises tucked away in the rafters. Nothing of much value, I'm guessing. At least not anything that I was excited over, except this spool of pinkish colored silk thread. There's something about the spool that I found charming.

Another useful find was this bed rail, considering that my antique bed is need of one about the same size! We'll see if it fits tomorrow!

Our other findings, although interesting went straight to the dumpster that still sits in our yard.

giant ball of electrical wiring with random sockets attached
what appears to be a very old bed pan, and a piece of a downspout?

Happy Friday!

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