Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You've heard me refer to the picture rail before, and I'm realizing now that I've never lived in a house with a picture rail (at least not that I remember), and it's a pretty neat feature to have! For those of you who don't know what it is, and no I don't think my family and friends are not intelligent people, but I've run into several people (particulary in hardware stores) who have no idea what I'm refering to when asking about hardware for such piece. Anyway, it is a piece of moulding that runs around the perimeter of the room, near the ceiling. Ours is about 12" below the ceiling. The beauty of this concept is that it allows us to hang our artwork without hammering a nail into our lovely plaster. It also provides mucho flexibility if we don't like the location or height of whatever we are hanging because we can easily slide the hook left or right, or pick it up and move it to another wall with great ease.

There are concerns over what you actually use to hook to... fishing line, wire, rope, ribbon. We decided to start with a white nylon string, and go from there. So far so good. You'll also remember that I ordered the actual 'hooks' from House of Antique Hardware. I don't believe that I ever admitted that when I placed the order, I thought they were going to be pretty significant hooks, but when they arrived they were miniscule! Looking at them now though, they seem just right. Any bigger and they would stand out, and any smaller they may not do their job!

Photo for scale...

And photos in action...


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