Sunday, April 17, 2011


Brian designed shelving for the shed this weekend, and we made a trip to Lowe’s and he set to work. I helped a little, but for the most part I left him to his project, popping in occasionally to snap a photo here and there. Unfortunately, the shed is still home to several items of the contractor, including a huge window (or maybe 2?), a door, a doorframe, several rakes, and other materials that are hidden behind all those other things. So, we are working around all of that. But, we were able to get most of the shed cleaned out, and now it’s almost time to fill it up again with all the ‘stuff’ in our storage unit. The plan is to purge as much as possible, but lawn care, car care, paint & other house repair stuff, bicycles, camping gear, and a grill all need a home, and that is what the shed is for, right? Well it all adds up, and thank goodness we have a place to put it!

Here are a few progress photos...

And finally, the paint corner. All those paints and stains that have been living in our guest bedroom closet, now have a permanent home.

It felt good being in the shed again. That was our personal project through the house renovation, and it's been a while since we showed it some love!

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