Thursday, April 28, 2011

frustra[tion] to satisfac[tion]

So, I'm still getting used to my role as 'landlord', even after renting my condo out for the past year. Out of sight, out of mind I guess. Of course, it's been heavy on my mind lately, since our renter moved out in mid-April, leaving behind all the grime of the past year that he didn't bother to clean. In a sense we were burned, and burned bad, financially and cosmetically. But after trying to clean it ourselves, giving into the fact that no matter how hard I scrubbed it would never be the way I remembered it, and having the carpets steam-cleaned, the Maid Brigade visit, and some touch-up painting here and there, by none other than yours truly, it was finally at a point that we could at least show it to potential renters. These are the photos after finally getting it all up to par.

And all that hard work paid off, because after 124 emails exchanged, daily postings to craigslist, bi-weekly postings to the musc housing website, flyers for the complex office, countless phone calls, and 8 appointments with various people, I am happy to report that we found a tenant! And SHE is awesome. Yay!

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