Tuesday, May 24, 2011

explora[tion] - exterior [part 2]

Thought you may be ready for more! I love BEFORE & AFTER shots, so I'll continue to share until I have something new to talk about! Still debating room by room, or one view at a time, but for now, I'll continue with outside, and move to the back of the house...

back door
This wasn't really the same perspective, but at least the same general direction. And it gives you an idea of what the back entrance looked like before, and what we have now! The original back door is now the door to our 'future' master bathroom. The next photos show what the back of the house used to look like, with a yard, and now with our addition of a master suite...

back of the house - before & after addition
And the side view, coming back to the front of the house, although the form is the same, you'll notice the vinyl siding is now hardie board, the windows have been restored, there are no more window units, there is now rodent-proofing and a skirt-board, and the rafters have been revealed with better detailing at the roof edge.

south side

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