Wednesday, May 25, 2011

explora[tion] - exterior [part 3]

And finally, the last of our "exterior exploration" before we move inside... and I've saved possibly my favorite parts of the outside of the house for last, the front door and the front porch!

There are of course obvious changes like color and material, but more subtle hints of change are the placement of the house numbers (although the original numbers, they are just aligned), the underside of the eaves are now exposed (as you've seen in earlier posts), fresh & lighter shade of ceiling paint, and a few additions... new doormat, new light fixture, new mailbox, new flag, new plantings in the flower boxes! We also painted the front door a bright red color, but it's hard to tell in this photo, mostly because the door is open! And that blue sky popped up, right on cue!

The biggest part of the porch renovation was the removal of the screen, and addition of handrails. A lot of people questioned this move (including me), but it's amazing how much it opened up the whole front of the house, quite literally! And [knock on wood] the bugs haven't been a problem yet, thanks to our citronella candle. You get a better idea of the ceiling paint color here, as well as the addition of a new light fixture, hanging plants, and bird feeder. The bird feeder may need to relocate because every time we fill it, the birds decide to swing it around, thus spilling the food ALL over the porch, hence the reason it is currently empty in this photo! The addition of comfy porch furniture and the removal of old shutters (that didn't fit the window) also helps the space.

And here we have a better view of the porch with and then without the screen. Amazing the difference. We hope that some of those tropical plants will soon grow back, since we cut most of them back for the duration of the construction, to prevent any damage to them. But now we want them back!

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