Sunday, May 1, 2011


After a morning (and afternoon) at the ‘food truck rodeo’ with Ryan, Matt, & George, we headed back to Lowe’s for the 2nd time this weekend to pick up some pinestraw and other necessities for getting the yard & shed in tip-top shape. Yesterday we had stopped at a flower & plant tent sale out in West Ashley (in search of pinestraw) and we ended up buying all sorts of plants and flowers to fill in the flower bed in front of our house. Papyrus, sweet grass, a foxtail fern, and a couple of sunflowers.

So once we got home, we set to work. I trimmed, weeded, and raked around some of the outlying bushes and beds, and laid fresh pinestraw around each, while Brian dug out holes and planted our new plants. After which we then weeded and laid pinestraw in that bed as well.

Here are the progress photos…

And here's the finished bed...

papyrus with rooster
sweet grass

foxtail fern
Of course I realized that I totally underestimated how much pinestraw we needed, since we have a whole other flower bed on the front left side of the house, as well as a sidewalk that could use lining on either side! Next time.

And you may have noticed that we also have a new addition to the front of the house! Check out our American flag that Brian installed!

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  1. SO patriotic! :) looks great! LOVE the papyrus and fern...