Monday, May 16, 2011


We have been extremely lazy lately, especially this past weekend! But I can share a few things we've done that you may not have seen.

The ONLY thing we did this past weekend was make 1 trip to our storage unit to fill up the Explorer with as much as we could fit. This included everything from holiday decorations to kitchen supplies, to stuff that will forever live in the shed, like boogie boards and camping equipment. Anyway, here are the boxes to prove it. We were in fact productive in that sense as well, since we actually did unpack all the boxes that we brought home!

And speaking of the shed... here are some little touches that Brian installed, including the old house numbers we found in the house, and the hanging glass globe that Brian had at Larnes Street.

And I never revealed the organized shed! Remember when we hung the pegboard? Well, Brian has all his tools displayed, and everything in it's place. Here are a few shots of it's current state:

In other news, we've mostly been enjoying our front porch. We sit out there pretty frequently and watch the neighborhood, admire the yard, have a few cocktails.

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