Thursday, June 2, 2011

explora[tion] - existing hallway

Admittedly, this is not the most exciting transformation. No major work was done in this room, other than the furnace being removed! However, it is much cozier, and I was able to do a quick project this past weekend to spruce up the ol' telephone nook, more details at the end of this post. But for now, here are a few photos that show what we did do, which was throw a rug down where the furnace used to be, and put some art on the walls, which you can't see in these pictures!

This is yet another view of the Dining Room from this vantage point... notice the lightness! There used to be a door here, but we had the contractor remove it, leaving the door frame intact. And as much as I love having central heat and air, don't get me started on the placement of the thermostat. If you are going to throw it in the middle of the wall, at least center the damn thing! Geez.

One of the coolest details of the house is the original telephone nook. I love it even though I have no idea what's hiding in there. I actually held a miniature flashlight up to it to see if I could see anything, and all I could make out were a couple of pencils. So, this takes us to my little project I mentioned earlier. I saw in another blog that I read that the family had a similar (although not as cool) nook, and they made it a little space for displaying things, but first had painted the back wall to make the items pop. Similar to this...

I knew I wanted to use a bold color, and I also didn't want to spend the money for such a small area, so I rummaged through the paint we had in the shed. The bold red is what was used on our front door! We are going to live with it a little while, and see how we like it. Not sold on it yet!

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