Wednesday, June 8, 2011

explora[tion] - guest bedroom

Back to the tour!

Next on our stop, 'before & after' shots of the front bedroom. The house originally had 2 bedrooms, both off the same hallway, one at the front of the house, and one at the back. I feel quite confident that the back bedroom was Julia's, and I'm not sure who would have been living in this one, but they clearly had a lot of stuff!

We did not do a whole lot in this room, but the subtle changes make a huge difference. We switched out the ceiling fan for a more modern version, we replaced the pink curtains and plastic blinds with new rods and room-darkening drapes, and we painted the walls my favorite color in the house Sherwin Williams Window Pane. It is such a light blue-almost-green, and it is so cheerful. Love it.

 The biggest change in this room was the removal of the panelled closet. This particular closet was clearly not original to the room, and there was a small closet with shelves (behind that mirrored door), that provided some storage. When my mom offered to buy us a wardrobe, we decided the closet had to go! It really opens up the space, and the wardrobe provides a much nicer space for storing ours and guests belongings.

So come visit! We have a nice room for you to stay in!

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