Wednesday, June 1, 2011

explora[tion] - kitchen

Sorry that I've kept you waiting, oh imaginary people out there! Next stop, as promised is the kitchen. This room  took on the biggest transformation, and practically doubled in size. We started by opening up the wall from the dining room, as shown in the last post.

And you'll notice that it gives you a great view to the front of the house, bringing in a lot of light from those front rooms. Before, the kitchen only had access to the outside through the window over the sink, and a window that was tucked into a breakfast nook that has since been removed. And now you see the light from the other rooms pouring in.

You've probably noticed that we removed all of the existing cabinets, laminate countertops, vinyl flooring, etc. We replaced the cabinets with IKEA, and salvaged a few of the existing glass doors for possible use somewhere else. The floors were replaced with black slate tile, and the countertops with granite. The faucet is also from IKEA.

The door you see below was the original back door, but when we bought the house a shabby addition had been added that served as the laundry room. This wall (actually, entire room) was also removed and shifted back to accommodate the stove, and thereby enlarge the kitchen. We were able to keep the original stove and refrigerator, since they were only a few years old. So we purchased the above-the-stove microwave (from IKEA) and the dishwasher (from Craigslist), rounding out the white appliances.

The wall below is opposite of the window, and before, the refrigerator was directly in the path of travel, but by moving the path out slightly and nestling the refrigerator into a wall of cabinetry, we were able to clean up the traffic-flow and provide much-needed storage! There is also a desk to the right, which we haven't quite figured out how to handle, except that it has become an excellent spot for stacks and stacks of paper, a catch-all space if you will.

This next photo series will give you a better idea of that traffic flow that I was discussing, although it doesn't quite relay the obstacle that the fridge was! You can also see the breakfast nook that was removed. We tried desperately to keep that archway, but with the cabinet layout and path to our master suite, it just couldn't stay! So, straight ahead is our Master Bedroom, and do you recognize the door? Yep, it's the original back door, just relocated. You may remember that I applied the privacy film, so no one could see in.

And here's another view of that nook that was removed, so you can see the new location of the laundry room behind that art wall. That is also the connection to the back door.

And just because I like before & after photos, I thought I would throw this one in of the window. I love my roman shade that my friend Mary Mac made for us. I also love our new light fixture over the sink. And speaking of lights, we managed to save ONE of the original ceiling lights from demolition, although the other was destroyed, so that's it, hanging in the center of the room (in previous photos). Since one of the lights that we were planning on using was broken, we also installed can lights around the perimeter of the room. There is also under-cabinet lighting, which is quite helpful with food prep or mood lighting.

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