Thursday, June 9, 2011

explora[tion] - office

This will be the last 'before & after' for a while, since the addition really doesn't have 'before' pics unless you want to see our former backyard. Also, the addition is not quite finished.

A few things still left to do in Master Suite addition:

  • paint the Master Bedroom
  • install countertop/sink in vanity nook
  • run plumbing to sink in vanity nook
  • complete installation of vanity in vanity nook
  • install mirror and shelf over sink
  • complete the entire Master Bathroom
    • install flooring
    • install toilet
    • install tub/shower
    • tile tub/shower
    • paint
    • build out shelving

So, on to the last room (for now), shall we?

The office is in the original 'back' bedroom. The back bedroom was the cleanest, most un-cluttered room in the house when we first toured, and I think this was probably Ms. Julia's room. Like the front bedroom, we switched out the ceiling fan, replaced the old blinds with new bamboo Roman shades, and painted it the same color as the other room, Sherwin Williams Window Pane (I told you I love this color!). That's it, no other changes. Pretty simple.

This room actually serves a dual purpose, since it's where our computer lives we call it the 'office', but that couch over there has a pull-out bed, so it can also serve as overflow for when we have multiple guests! It's happened more than once already! And judging by the boxes, it's also our 'catch-all' space... don't open the closet. ;)

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