Friday, June 3, 2011

explora[tion] - original bathroom

The bathroom was one of the first rooms to really come to life! Taking everything out that wasn't necessary, like that random plastic box on the linen closet door (which was actually an air freshener at one time), taking down the curtains, and switching out the blinds were a good start. The fresh coat of paint was transforming in itself! And then larger things were done, one being that we replaced the pedestal sink with one that was actually the right height, as well as a little more compact for the narrow bathroom. The contractor broke our toilet when removing the sink, so they bought us a new dual-flush toilet. And we had the cast-iron tub reglazed, which was a must! Beyond that, we really just cleaned the tile, and bought a new light fixture that is identical to the one that was there (the original didn't work anymore). 

I love this bathroom, but I must say that I am really ready for the master bath to be done!

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