Sunday, June 26, 2011


I showed you the cards I made for my dad & stepdad here, but I couldn't share my gift to my dad until now, since we celebrated the holiday a week late due to the prep course that I took. A few weeks ago, Brian and I were in Georgia visiting his family, and we went through Greene County, Georgia on our way to Penfield (where his family homestead is). There are several cool antique stores in the area, and while we were perusing through one of them, I came across an antique alligator that I assumed was just a figurine, about a foot long and green in color. My dad lives on a lake, and yes there are alligators in it, so I always think of him since he has a 4' long wooden alligator on his porch. After further investigation into the antique alligator that I stumbled upon, it turns out that it was a nutcracker made of cast-iron (quite heavy in fact), and you place the nut in it's mouth and push down, hence cracking the nut in the alligator's jaws! Unfortunately the price was a little more than I would typically spend on a Father's Day gift, but after walking around the store for a while, I kept coming back to the alligator. I'm not sure why, but I find it so difficult to shop for the men in my life, so when I see something that is this perfect, I have to buy it! And then, I realized that everything in this particular booth was on SALE! Score! So, more on the alligator later... after while crocodile.

I wanted to first share some photos from the weekend, that get at the heart of Greene County and Penfield...

Notice this storefront is all trees and plants behind it,
it was incredible! This is a nursery that is part of one of
the antique stores. 

pulled pork for dinner



Well, that was some of the fun from the weekend, now let's get back to the gift-giving! So there was this alligator nutcracker that I just had to have for my dad, so I bought it. Then I thought of 'how can I wrap this?'. Which led me to the next little design I came up with...

This was the card that I attached to the gift. And speaking of the gift, here he is in action (sans nut)...

And here he is pre- and post- wrapping...

And it just so happened that the last time we were at Penfield, we collected pecans from one of the many huge pecan trees on the old Mercer campus. So with this gift, I also had a clear bag of pecans with the same white bow. The alligator worked, although was quite messy!

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