Monday, June 6, 2011


We got started on the Laundry Room transformation yesterday! We now have a cabinet and shelving installed, as well as my inspiration for cleaning my clothes...

Yes, I am excited to report that this OutKast song is now posted on our Laundry Room wall! Awesome. It makes me smile. So, we still have to paint the cabinet, which we will most likely go with white to match the wire-frame shelves, but we've also tossed around ideas for a color that would contrast well with the green. White will probably prevail. We wouldn't want to get too crazy! Here are the photos with the still-unfinished cabinet...

And in this photo, you can see why we didn't do cabinets all the way across. We have the electrical panel to contend with. We will eventually be painting that white as well. The nice thing about the shelves that we bought, is that we have a space to hang clothes for drying now, which was part of our plan all along.

And I also wanted to mention that we have a nest in our back porch fern. The mom rarely leaves, but we were able to catch a quick glimpse while she was away, and there are 2 small eggs in it! I'm pretty excited even though I know this will probably be the death of the plant. I'm excited! There is also a nest in one of the front porch ferns as well, but no eggs, as far as I can tell. Although we did witness some of the construction during our morning coffee on the porch yesterday. 


  1. I love the laundry room inspiration!!

  2. Thanks Heather! Not sure if you know that I am a huge fan of OutKast! I bowled with Big Boi in a league in ATL. It's my 'claim to fame'! So it seemed appropriate to show some love, somewhere in the house. :) Also, your blog transformation inspired my new look (if you couldn't tell). Still need to figure out how to do tabs across the top. I'm learning!