Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok, so I'm sure this is old news to all of you blog followers out there, but I just started using Google Reader after months of resisting... holy moly. I've always had my many blogs bookmarked in my Google Chrome setup, and I find myself constantly clicking on each one, one by one, eagerly anticipating that someone out there in the internet world that I love, chose to write something that I've never read before... usually it's the same post as before on every website, unless you are like my fave Young House Love family who writes two, sometimes three posts a day (I can always count on them for entertainment). So usually I've wasted a lot of time for nothing. BUT, here's the crazy thing that Google has come up with (again, I know I'm the last to discover this), they have a service where you subscribe to your favorite blogs (I follow about 20), and it then lists the blog posts of those 20 blogs in a similar format to my Gmail account. And if any of those bloggers writes a new post, it simply shows up in my Google Reader inbox. Once I've read it, it's just like email, it turns purple instead of white. I have added an extra hour to my day (total exaggeration) by visiting one site rather than 20! And not only that, but I'm up-to-date in real time because as soon as it's posted, I'm alerted! Love it!

If you have a Gmail account then I'm sure you are familiar with the Calendar, Documents, Photos, Maps... tabs that are at the top of the page. Well, if you go to 'more' or possibly 'even more', you can select Reader as one of those tabs. From there it is easy to get started, just don't become a blog junkie like myself! 

And while we're at it... if you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, you should definitely check it out! It's basically a place online where you can catalog everything you find online that you love. So if I'm perusing one of my 20 blogs, and there is a photo of an idea that I want to remember for my own house, then I simply 'pin it', and it is stored on my 'home' board. Of course I have lots of boards, including 'holiday', 'graphics', 'party planning', and many more. The point is that I don't have to worry about downloading the image to my computer, I just have these online folders where I can sort things into the categories I want and return to them again and again. So if I am planning a party, then I can reference my 'party planning' board to find the ideas that I tucked away! Another cool feature to this is that you can have 'followers' and you can 'follow' your friends, so you can see (and steal) their finds as well!

NEWS FLASH! I just discovered that you can't actually 'pin' from Reader. :(
So from Reader, you have to go to the blog, then pin. Oh well, so much for tying these things together into one post!

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