Sunday, June 19, 2011


And Happy Father's Day!

For Father’s Day, I decided to create my own cards for both my dad & my stepdad. Not because I’m cheap (although I am), but because I’ve been using graphic design as my creative outlet lately. In fact, I’ve even come up with a name for such venture…

This is something I truly enjoy, and at the same time I’m trying to build up a portfolio of work, thereby sharing it on the blog under the label: 'graphic design' for feedback from YOU! I love the instant gratification of putting words & images to a page. If I don't work on my graphic layouts then I'll never get better at them! 

The coolest part of making my own cards is that both my dad & Gene acknowledged my efforts upon my calling to wish them a Happy Father’s Day. It made me feel good that they appreciated them! And rather than just thanking me for sending a card, it evoked conversation and enthusiasm. 

Making cards also allows me to say what I want to, rather than depending on someone else’s cutesy poem or idea. I’m sure Hallmark & American Greetings and the like are much more experienced and seasoned at this sort of thing, but neither of them know me or my peeps like I do!  

And of course, I realize now that I could have made minor modifications that would have made a huge difference graphically for these, but they were quick, spur-of-the-moment projects that needed to get out the door & in the mail. They definitely aren’t perfect, but again this is practice! Right?

This card for my dad was spurred by his love of cars, especially Fords, since he was a Ford dealer at one time. He also owned a 1955 Thunderbird convertible when we lived in Louisiana. I remember a birthday party when I was probably turning 9 or 10, and the theme was based off the 1950’s. Everyone wore poodle skirts and saddle oxfords, and we danced to the juke box, and there are photos of us all piled on the convertible like we are about to be beauty queens in a small town parade. I wish I had the photo to share, but it would involve my mom finding it, mailing it, and scanning it, so no. But the point is that the car on the card is a Thunderbird, a ’55 no less, and although his was baby blue, I grayed this one out for effect, and based the colors of the card on the color of the car. I added a pinstripe down the center to evoke the style detailing of a car. Of course “Father’s” is taking the place of “Ford” in the logo, and ‘Happy’ and ‘Day’ are magneto font, which is a font that “recall[s] the chrome-strip lettering laid over the rounded shapes of …automobile trunks in the thirties and forties by a[n] …American industry that knew it was going places, doing things, and changing the world”. You see a font can provoke memories, and that’s what I’ve tried to do. I carried that font to the inside as well, and the phrase ‘to a true original’ is harkening back the originality of the Thunderbird the first year it was made, but also to my dad, who is definitely like no other!

For Gene, I usually get something related to golf, or beer, or fishing. I wanted to change it up a little and therefore started perusing cards online and came across the line… ‘dad you’re rad’, and although I thought it was cute, I already had a card designed for my dad (2 actually, but that’s another story), then I thought well if I modified this with ‘stepdad’ and came up with text for the inside then I could make Gene a card too! Which leads me to the silly poem I wrote that I knew only Gene would appreciate. The bold words and color placement make it unique and fun, and perfect for my stepdad. So there you have it, my latest creations. 

Back to studying.

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