Wednesday, June 29, 2011

under construc[tion]

As a young architect, you dream of designing amazing buildings to serve the public. In 2008, I was given the opportunity to work with my team to design an Adult Day Center that would serve 19 to 99 year olds with both mental and physical disabilities. The program was quite complex, at over 25,000sf it is a fairly large building, and they wanted it to have a 'village' feel. After months years of programming the spaces, designing the building, selecting finishes, etc., the building went into construction. And now, the finish line is in sight!

It is very rare that I get to go to the site, but yesterday I was able to attend one of the construction meetings, and walked the site beforehand. I probably took 150 photos because I was just so excited to see some of my design ideas come to life! You'll notice a lot of natural light, and glimpses of color that will become more evident once the flooring is in. The building sits on a fairly wooded, 10-acre site, and we tried to make the massive building seem as though it was nestled into the landscape.

Here are a few of those photos to show you the progress!

the building as a whole, this is the view when you arrive to the site
the Main Public Entry

Training room windows bring in lots of light and create a
pitched ceiling on the interior
One of two courtyards, separates the Admin and Day buildings.
The greenhouse
The large Day Room with clerestory windows to bring in natural light.
The smaller rooms (with color) are training rooms, where smaller groups
can participate in specific activities.
This canopy starts outside the building and
swoops into the main space on the interior.
This is the large Day Room, where most of the
day-to-day activities will be held.
The building is comprised of three structures, one serving Administration needs - housing the lobby, a large training room, offices, and meeting rooms; the second building is the Day Program, which is where the adult day program is housed, and includes a large 'day' room, a dining room with kitchen and canteen, nursing services, training rooms, etc.; and the third, smaller building is the Pottery Building, and it has a kiln, large space for pottery making, a greenhouse, and a car wash.  Between the buildings are small, enclosed courtyard areas for dining or relaxing. By breaking the square footage up into smaller buildings, it allowed us to bring the scale of the building down to almost a residential scale, while allowing for a huge, gym-like space to accommodate over 100 people comfortably.

I can't wait to see it completed!

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