Monday, July 11, 2011


Even though they aren't necessarily 'quilts', there are several blankets that I wanted to display in our guest room. Here are the stories of the three that now live on our brand new (antique) quilt rack...

When my grandparents died I inherited 2 of their 'granny square' crocheted afghans, that I will forever associate with their home. Especially the brown, orange, green, mustard and off-white one that they had draped across their sofa. They still smell like my grandmother, which I love. UPDATE: Dad says that his mother made this for my mom's parents, for their mountain cabin! Very cool fact that I did not realize. So both of my grandmother's are represented by this one!

When Brian's grandmother Mimi died, Brian inherited a blanket that had been in her home that is white with a thin, blue border, which you can see in the back of the first photo.

This other one deserves a special place, and with no more room on the rack, we've given it a place to drape on the rocking chair. When we got married, a gift from my mom's friend Lorraine was a cream-colored blanket that she had knitted and crocheted. This one is particularly special, since it was made specifically for us. Makes me feel so special! It's also the softest blanket I've ever felt.

There are a few other blankets and quilts that are also special, but for now they live in the wardrobe, which isn't a particularly bad place to live! I wish I knew more about their history, and hopefully my family can share more details. There is one that my other grandmother gave me a few years ago that is embroidered with Nora L. Ferguson, April 1898, and I'm hoping to get the history of this the next time I see her. It always slips my mind, but dad, can you help me remember?

The other two were from my mother, since what started this whole thing was the quilt that is used as the bedspread on the bed in this room. She thought I might like to try some others that she had, so she brought them to me as well. I stuck with the white with blue and yellow detailing for now, but may switch it up when I'm ready for a change. Here are the three true quilts that I have (4 if you count the bedspread)...

There is another brown, white, and beige afghan from Brian's side of the family, and I have a blue blanket in there as well that got me through some pretty rough times. Amazing the memories a simple blanket can conjure up.

So that's where the desire/need for the quilt rack came into play, and here it is, in the room!

I love it!! And it's actually holding all three of our grandmother's afghans. You can't really see the orange, yellow, and white one on the middle bar, since it's lower, but it's there!

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