Wednesday, July 6, 2011

aggrava[tion] to beautifica[tion]

Our yard has been somewhat neglected for a while. We spent a lot of time working in it a while back, but then with weekends out of town, weekends with company in town, and weekends spent studying, there hasn't been a whole lot of time to focus on it. And it got really bad. And then, my mom and her two lovely sisters came to town, and even though they were on vacation, they couldn't resist. I didn't know they were going to be doing any work around the house, so there aren't any 'before' photos, which is just as well! They started with the flowerbed, where the worst of the weeds had taken over, and then they cleaned up the ferns that were looking extremely rough! When I got home from work, they were sitting on the porch, and before I even made it halfway up the sidewalk, I screamed in delight! They weren't sure I'd notice... yeah right. Thank you Carol, Mom, and Julie for getting the ball rolling! It was great having them in town for a few days, even though we could only hang out in the evenings after work, and one day at lunch (at Fleet Landing, in the photo below).

After their visit, Brian made the yard one of his many projects for the long holiday weekend. He mowed, he weed-eated, he bought a couple of bails of pinestraw. Before and after shots of the front flowerbed:

I realize that it still needs work, but it's a start!

Also, we have two crepe myrtles in front of our house, and they had become swallowed up by weeds as well, and Brian got to work trimming those up as well, looks great!

Here's a peek out of our bedroom window, at the side yard/neighbor's house, and although I realize it looks really bad right now, it will eventually-some-day-in-the-very-distant-future be a gorgeous private courtyard where only the best parties will be thrown. A girl can dream, right? Until then, it is a dusty mess where construction material was once stored. Well, at least the weeds on the temporary block wall have been destroyed. Check out the before and after. I think Brian wishes the weeds would take over the wall, and create a 'green wall' of sorts, but in my opinion it looks scary all overgrown... where lots of little critters could live! No thanks!

We also transplanted some off-shoots of our century plant into pots. So they are living on the porch for now. The scale in these photos is way off... the plant in the yard is about 10x the size of the potted ones!



The previous owner of the house was featured in a local newspaper article when her century plant bloomed in 2007, since supposedly they only bloom every 100 years (hence the name). Cool to see our house in the photo! Unfortunately once they bloom, they die. So she replaced the one she had planted 40 years earlier (!) with the one we have now. The offshoots were baby plants (called pups) about 2'-3' off the main plant in every direction. They were becoming a pain for Brian to mow around, and we read online that you should dig them up regardless. So that's what we did! Anyone want a pup?

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