Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Kind of. I will be even more relieved if I actually passed my exam, but I won't find out for at least a couple of weeks! That's right, the exam is behind me (for now). For 5-1/2 hours this morning, I racked my brain over questions regarding design for earthquakes, structural systems, and soil density. Glad that's over.

Happy Tuesday! Since I've been confined to my house for a few days, I tried to find inspiration in small breaks. Brian worked on several little projects (more to be revealed on that later) over the weekend, while I studied, and studied, and studied. We did have a nice break yesterday afternoon when the Charzewski's stopped by to bring homemade cookies over! Much appreciated, and much needed study snack! I even ate a couple during my break at the test today! It was great too to see their son Jack as well, who is 2 months old now, wow!

I also wanted to share a fun photo of the day! There is a wren's nest with 4 eggs in one of our fern's on the front porch, as well as a wren's nest with 2 eggs in the fern on our back porch. I couldn't get a good shot of the back one, but here's the one on the front porch! So cool...


  1. Yay!!! Can't wait to hear the good news that you've PASSED! On a nerdy note :) I love what you've done with the blog. It looks so good! And yay for new followers! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  2. Thanks Heather! It will definitely be a miracle if I PASSED! But it's over for now! I should know the results in 2-3 weeks... fingers-crossed!