Friday, July 15, 2011


When we designed our Master Suite, we opted for the hotel-esque style of having our bathroom vanity in an alcove directly off of the bedroom, just to give a little character to the room. This is where you also access the future Master Bathroom, as well as my walk-in closet. It truly allowed a little nook that we could place doors in, so we wouldn't have 2 doors to deal with on that particular wall.

That's the background. Now fast-forward to now, since we've been living in the house for about 5 months! We originally had the contractor 'stub out' the plumbing for the future fixtures, since we couldn't afford to finish off the bathroom during construction, and for months it has looked like this

Well, this week, since I was busy studying again, Brian decided to tackle this project, which meant installing the countertop/sink, finishing out the tricky & super-narrow roughed in plumbing (which he's never done) thanks to the drawers that have to fit, and installing those drawers. It's all IKEA, and as seen in the photo above, he had already assembled and hung the actual cabinet months ago. 

Step 1. Start to finish out plumbing:

Step 2. Install counter with sink, add faucet:

Step 3. Finish out plumbing:

I missed photographing this step, since I was suffering from a massive headache, and Brian didn't photograph it. I guess he was excited about getting things wrapped up!

Step 4. Install drawers:

Step 5. Make wife extremely happy by having running water in the back of the house! Somewhere she can brush her teeth before bed! Check out the [almost] finished product:

I say 'almost' because we still have to paint, or possibly do this fun idea that we drummed up a while back. But this would involve hardwood floors that wrap up the wall and onto the ceiling. This may be a while!

Do you want to know the best part about this post? Well, I shouldn't downplay the plumbing efforts, but I'm really excited that I'm writing this post from our porch, on our brand new laptop! Brian and I have neither one ever had a laptop before, so this is all new territory. And I like it. Also, vacation officially started today. First beer of my break. Woohoo!

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