Monday, July 25, 2011

collec[tion] - part two, hoo, hoo

Last week while on vacation, my aunt pulled me aside and slipped me a small, black box with a cute, little surprise inside! A new owl! So I thought back to which rooms were lacking in the owl department, that would suit such a small surcee. The hallway off the kitchen!

Not only will we see it every time we go to the bedroom, but there were some other small creatures to keep him company. Thanks Carol!

And then, today, I got home and there was a package on the front porch!! Yay, a surprise, with MY name on it! I LOVE surprises. So of course I ripped into it, before Brian even got home from work, and it turns out it was a gift from my dad, for no other reason than he thought I might like it! 

I need to give some background on this. My dad (who actually doesn't drink alcohol) collects decanters. Specifically antique car decanters made by Jim Beam. He has collected them my whole life (I think). This is the best photo I could find...

I truly wish I had a better photo, and you better believe the next time I go to visit, I will be photographing this collection for sure! They are quite beautiful, and it's too bad you can't see them all!

Alrighty then, so I guess you've probably figured it out by now! He bought me an owl decanter!

And he fits perfectly in the Dining Room, which is need of an owl! Here is where he lives...

It's a 1968 Double Springs Kentucky Whiskey decanter. A few detail shots for your viewing pleasure...

So cool, Dad! As Brian said, it's the perfect combination of our two collections. Thanks again!

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