Thursday, July 14, 2011


Not sure if you've noticed, but I have a slight obsession with owls. I attribute this to my Mawmaw. She collected owls, and although I don't have any of her collection, I've started my own.

The first one that I bought was from the Estate Sale that was held at our house before we moved in. Julia who had lived in the house for 40 years actually collected elephants (which I bought a few of those too), but she also had a brass trivet in the shape of an owl that reminded me of my grandmother, because she was also a fabulous cook!

For Christmas last year, my mom bought me owl pajamas from Target, and bought my then 21-month old niece a pair just like them, so we often wear our 'owal' pj's at the same time. Sorry, can't find any photos of this, but it's definitely a sight to see, me with my mini-me!

For my birthday, I got the surprise gift of owl salt and pepper shakers from my mom. I love them, and keep them in my kitchen window to stare at adoringly as I wash dishes. She also bought us the shag rug for mine & Brian's birthdays collectively, so I wasn't expecting this small gift that I received!

I was browsing online as I often do, and came across this fabulous vintage owl lamp for the guest bedroom. However, he's not even plugged in because he's quite scary with glowing red eyes! Much more attractive as a statue.

The next purchase online was this fun necklace, which I've actually never worn. It's longer and larger than I typically have the guts to wear, so this has become our Master Bedroom owl decor, which hangs on my dresser's mirror.

Brian and I went to Penfield recently, you may recall as posted here. On our way from Monroe to Greene County, we stopped at a folk art store about halfway through the trip, where Brian had bought our beloved Rooster in the front yard. This time we found the coolest owl, made of metal and stone. When he landed on our mantle, Brian said "oh, I assumed it would go out in the yard, since it's yard art"... no sir! My goal here (don't tell Brian) is an owl for every room. Kind of like Where's Waldo.

Besides, we have an owl outside now... remember this guy?

And here are some other Pinterest finds that will someday, hopefully be part of my collection, both from Etsy:

Owl you need is love... from cardswithquirk

And my absolute favorite print that incorporates my other love of bicycles... from ilovedoodle

I'm currently in the process of making a little something for my niece Ellie's room to go with her new mural that my mom painted for her. It's a surprise until the weekend, so maybe I'll share a quick post about that later. It too is owl themed.

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  1. I love the collection. We are looking forward to joining you guys at the beach, and getting Ellie's surprise.