Saturday, July 30, 2011

desk organiza[tion]

I have a real issue with our kitchen desk area. We have gone back and forth over what this should be, but when we originally designed the kitchen, the intent of the desk was just that, to be a DESK! Unfortunately it has become the place that everything lands. This post shows how we cleaned it up. Now if only it will stay this way!

I should have taken a photo of the desk before I cleaned it off, but here's all the stuff that was on the desk (now on the counter).

I thought a 'blank slate' photo was a better 'before' picture.

The problem: having built a desk in the kitchen, it has become a catch-all for mail, product samples, receipts, unread magazines, study materials, sunglasses, you-name-it-it's-there, etc. I decided on my free Friday afternoon to go shopping! The goal: clean up the desk area!

The solution: file organizer, cork boards, stool, artwork, decor, computer area!

Also, Brian has always had an issue with the electrical outlets above the desk. We have one below the desk, as well as a hole drilled in the granite to drop cords down through the back of the desk, so the outlets up top aren't really necessary. So, he thought it would be nice to maximize the cork board space, rather than have two in between the outlets, we could now fit three. The only problem is that the cork is flexible, and the outlets prevented them from being flush on the wall. This is when he went to work, turning off the power in this wall, and removing the plates, and the outlets altogether, which are now hidden by the cork! Also, these two outlets are on their own fuse, so we can cut power to only them!

I also did another small project, which I kind of copied from Young House Love, although theirs is way cooler. They took a scrap piece of wood, and stenciled a number '7' on it because apparently that's their special number. Well, our number lately has been '54', so that's what I went with. I say that theirs is cooler maybe because theirs is bigger, and fills out the space, but I intentionally didn't do mine that way. I guess two numbers are harder than one. At least that's my excuse. I can always cut it down, I guess. Make it square, like our favicon. Regardless, it's done and I like it. At least for now, and it cost me less than $5 between the wood from Michael's, and the sticky mailbox numbers from Walmart. Here's a little step-by-step:

1. Buy wood and stick-on mailbox numbers. 2. Gather cutting mat and exacto knife to cut out letters.
3. Stick numbers to board. 4. Spray paint the board the color of your choice (I went with white)
5. let dry. 6. peel numbers off. 7. hang on wall!

Easy, right? I know! A quick, little sentimental piece to brighten my day and add depth to our desk decor. As for the other art, the framed photos include a picture from the Old Navy Base, which we bought at Kulture Klash a few years ago, and the other is an altered photo that I bought while in Cinque Terre when I studied in Italy. We liked the way that both pieces had similar colors, and the yellow of the kitchen pulled out the yellow in the photos. It all compliments each other, and makes for a nice little gallery composition.


Another project that developed from this, was the unsightly cords that pooled under the desk, so Brian made a shelf just below the countertop that allows the computer cord/etc to rest on. Keeps the cords out of sight. Before & after below.

File holder (black): Walmart $9.99
Cork boards (pack of 4): Michael's $12.99
Stool (black): Target (already had)
Artwork (photos described above):  Frames from Walmart $4.96/each
     (wood piece described above): materials $5.00
Green vase: Habitat for Humanity $3.00
Vase/supply holder: handmade wedding gift from our friend Geoff (already had)
Candle: already had
Computer: Gateway (already had)

So for about $40.00, we have a functional desk space!

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  1. dear hurst, where do you find the time?! impressed, per usual. :) though the numbers might be my favorite part...