Friday, July 8, 2011


After such a great day yesterday, I think it's time to share with you the finished product! Not that it will ever be finished per se, since homes are always a work-in-progress I guess, but here goes! This is the porch last night, prior to my finishing touches...

And here she is now, with all my great finds incorporated into the design!

Of course the chairs, cushions, and pillows haven't changed, but I've accessorized! I already had some of the pieces, like the rug (bought at Dollar General for less than $10 a few months back) and a few of the flower pots (that were found in the shed). I just wasn't using them in this particular space! In the next couple of photos, I'll try to point out some of the new things that you see.

But first let's remember what this space looked like before, shall we?


Phew! Glad that's no longer the case!

You've already heard (in great length) about the plant stand here. And you can see that everything fits nicely for now, although I fear that most of these plants are going to need more direct sunlight! I'll continue to watch their progress, and see how it goes, filling in new ones as needed. 

Still debating whether to spray paint the stand white, but I kind of like the contrast of the black against the white rail. We'll live with it for a while. 

The largest 'new' item is the antique trunk that's sitting in the middle of the space. You may recall that I have longed for something to put my feet up on while enjoying my morning coffee or evening cocktail? After searching for a small bench or ottoman that might work, I determined that a trunk was the perfect height, since our outdoor furniture sits kind of low. Every trunk that I came across was super-expensive, similar to everything else I saw yesterday, but then upon going back to Attic Treasures to pick up my quilt rack, I stumbled across the trunk you see above, and it was only $12! As in 10+2=12. I even pointed it out to the guy, and said in a real puzzled tone "did you know that this is marked $12?", and he says, "yeah, it was my brother's father-in-laws back in blah, blah, blah.... and when he died I got a lot of his stuff, and I'd rather see it go to a good home at a good price than to just sit here". Ok, then. At $12, it can sit on my porch!  Unbelievable! Check it out...

It's in pretty good shape, especially in comparison to some of the antique trunks that I've come across. And at that price, what did you expect? Here's a close-up shot of the front, you can see that it's missing the handle (but it still has one on the side):

How about a few more angles of the porch? Here you can see our view.

And here's one from the perspective of the watering can...

And a close-up of the table...

You've met the newly painted owl, then there's a citronella candle behind him, a new aloe plant purchased at Lowe's last night, and a cactus that Brian had from Colorado, (which is what the sign used to say before it faded, and then we so creatively added our last name!). 

And on top of the trunk, I added a swatch of fabric (99¢) and a vase (99¢) from Goodwill. Another citronella candle ($3.50) from Lowe's which fit perfectly into the vase, an awesome assortment of succulents that were a gift from our friend Jen, and the newest issue of the ever-so-enjoyable Charleston Home + Design Magazine

So there you have it! What do you think? Just a quick little improvement that makes the porch even more inviting and comfortable. And in the end it only cost about $45 total (since there were some miscellaneous plants that I threw in without telling you)! So you should definitely stop by and have a nice, cold drink sometime... 

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  1. It turned out wonderful, I am coveting your covered porch! :)