Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you've been around me lately, you've probably heard my praises of the website Pinterest. Such a great tool, that allows you to organize and share all the cool things you find online. Basically it is online storage where you have 'friends' that can follow your interests, and you can follow theirs. Yet another social network, however this one shows your creative desires! The gist is that you have boards that you virtually pin stuff to, and if you click on the image you pin then it takes you to the origin of the image. Therefore, for example, if you pin an image of a spray-painted dresser, and the article or website that the image came from is about how to spray-paint furniture, then you just click on that image whenever you are ready to spray-paint something and voila! Instructions at your fingertips.

This post focuses on my 'home' board, but I have other boards as well, including:

  • 'side yard' (ideas I'd like to implement into our yard once we have an enclosed fence area)
  • 'reading list' (books that I see other people reading that might in fact interest me someday, once I'm done studying)
  • 'so Charleston' (things I love about the Holy City)
  • 'bicycles' (anything bicycle related, since I do love bikes)
  • 'party planning' (ideas for all those big bashes I'm always hosting ;)
  • 'holiday' (as if I don't have enough reindeer and other decor)
  • 'graphics' (silly jokes, images, and cartoons that make me smile)
  • 'blogs' (as if you don't already know which are my faves)
  • 'for future use' (this is the mac-daddy, a catch-all if you will of all the projects and DIY things that I would like to do when I have time)
Here's a snapshot of my Pinterest 'home' board... which includes paint colors I like, artwork I want, or simple tricks and tips that you can do yourself around the home to make life easier. 

See that picture towards the bottom center/left of the screen? It's Georgia. I originally saw it on a blog I read, called Our Humble A{Bowed}. Well, they didn't have Georgia, but they shared that they bought their Minnesota & Montana watercolors on Etsy, so I checked out the artist and found the Georgia print, and 'pinned' it for future use. Brian is from Georgia and I'm from South Carolina, so I thought the pair would be perfect for our Master Bedroom. Unfortunately there wasn't a South Carolina print, however I heard from Amanda over at Our Humble A{Bowed} that the artist Elisabeth would do custom orders! Woohoo! So I contacted Elisabeth at Poppy & Pinecone, and she said 'absolutely'! She asked if there were any specific colors that I would want, and I said that I really liked the blue-green Georgia, and I'd be buying them as a pair, so she could do the SC one in the same colors. She actually did a couple of different versions and sent me photos of them to see which I would prefer.She'll do custom colors and different placements of the heart.

They arrived this week! They are 8-1/2 x 11 watercolor paintings (just $20.00 each for original artwork!), and I bought two 11x14 frames with 8x10 mats, white on white, at Walmart for less than $30 for the pair. Check them out...

Here's the 'before' photo of our bare bedroom, of course we still need to paint this room... last one! But for now, the paintings will suffice!

And a better shot from straight on... 

I realize they look a little low in this photo, but the bed is so high that raising the paintings any higher looked ridiculous! It's kind of nice that the frames compliment the window frames as well. Since one was vertical and the other horizontal, it made sense to stagger them, sort of in the same placement as they would be on a map! Brian also pointed out that they align with the right sides of the bed that we sleep on! Too funny.

They also compliment the new curtain in the room...

Keep in mind that this room is still a work in progress. Speaking of which, let me remind you of the new vanity nook that we are thoroughly enjoying!

Are you in love with Pinterest too? Any fun art that you've bought recently, or maybe done yourself? Do you have a vanity nook off your bedroom, so that you feel like you are in a hotel? I'm asking you questions people because I know you are out there, and I'd like some comments! :) Maybe even some 'followers'! 


  1. I'm out here, but I don't have a clue as to what you're talking about.
    Love, Dad

  2. Ha! Thanks Dad... it's just another website to get lost in. Thanks for following!